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We are not a couple of millennials looking to blog the latest trend.  We are working professionals in our 40s that changed up how we live to get the most out of our lives despite our circumstances.

We mainly live between two tiny homes (hence the name which reads like 'tiny times two')  Why do we live between two tiny homes?  Long story short, Aaron is divorced and his kids live in one location and work is at another and we got tired of doing a 4-hour-a-day, yes, you read that right.  4 hours.  That is like a separate part time job you have to pay to do.  Not fun.

To learn more we suggest you start with the first blog post that goes into more detail.  We try to give it to you straight without a lot of fluff and life is all Instagram perfect (and yes, are are on Instagram to if you want to give us a follow.)

We hope this inspires you to live the best you can no matter what life throws at you.